Work With Us!

Work With Us!!

Interested in Beacons?
Minneapolis Beacons engages youth as leaders and learners by transforming schools into active youth centers after school and in the summer, providing free educational, recreational, and leadership development activities for youth and their families.

The Minneapolis Beacons Network is a collaborative initiative between schools, community, and families with the mission to improve academic, social, and lifework development of youth in low-income communities.
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Our Beacons center is located at Sheridan School in Northeast Minneapolis, on the corner of Broadway Ave and University Ave.  

We are a YMCA program, and our sponsoring branch is Emma B. Howe YMCA in Coon Rapids.  So, when you look online, it will say that you are applying in Coon Rapids, but if you are applying for a School Success (Beacons) position, you are applying to work in Northeast Minneapolis!

Unit Coordinator: (formally called unit lead)             
 *Position OPEN*

School Success Coordinator
(Part Time 20-30 hrs per week. Sample Schedule: M-Th 11am-5pm, F 11am-3pm)

The Unit lead wears many hats at our Beacon.  They are a coach and mentor to youth workers, they are a resource for youth, and a representative of our Beacon to families, school and community members.  Unit leads keep the program running smoothly by helping prepare schedules, maintaining group rosters, supporting youth workers with ideas, resources and behavior support.  Unit coordinators must be flexible, organized, creative and a good leader.  

Here are some of the primary responsibilities:
1. Create, distribute and file youth registration forms.
2. General clerical responsibilities, including but not limited to faxing, filing, copying, and data entry.
3. Help keep the office space neat and tidy.
4. Partner with community partners, Beacons staff and school staff to support events and daily program needs.
6. Answer telephone and answer questions or take messages.
5. Interact and maintain positive relationships with community partners, volunteers, Beacons staff, families, youth, school and district staff.
7. Create and modify documents using Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, Publisher)
8. Run weekly meetings with Unit team to provide updates, plan events, troubleshoot issues, and maintain a supportive network of staff.
9. Support Program staff with behavior issues, planning and projects.
10. Act as a coach to Program staff and youth staff members.
11. Other duties as assigned.

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Program Lead Staff:               *Positions Open*
School Success Program Staff
(Part time 15-20 hrs per week.  Sample Schedule: M-Th 12pm-5pm) September 29th-End of May

Program staff are the heart of our Beacon.  Youth workers are mentors, role models, allies and educators. They run the groups and keep the youth engaged and having fun.  We encourage people to apply who have specialized skills that they can teach the youth (like dance, music, computer skills, name it)!  You don't have to have a special skill to work with us, as long as you are invested the success of young people, Beacons could be the place for you!  Our groups are split between two units: K-2nd grade and 3-5th grade.  

Here are some of the primary responsibilities:
1. Plan and run your own group of 10-15 kids during program (Monday-Thursday, 1-5pm)
2. Answer telephone and answer questions or take messages.
3. Interact and maintain positive relationships with community partners, volunteers, Beacons staff, families, youth, school and district staff.
4. Deliver programming based on positive youth development principles and the YMCA's Four Core Values (Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility)
5. Make sure that the center is kept clean and organized.
6. Be a part of an ongoing process with youth and your colleagues to build and develop your skills as a youth worker.
7. Work as a team with your unit and center cohesively.
8. Implement a curriculum (as an individual / assigned) with an objective for young people.
9. Support program with general administrative responsibilities like taking attendance, giving surveys and some data entry.
10. Provide a fun and safe enjoyable experience to all program participants and partners/staff.

if you have questions, email