July 25, 2013

Summer fun at Northeast Middle School

Sheridan Beacons Center is located at Northeast Middle School for the summer. This summer we offered math support with Mr. Ryan, Kids in the Kitchen with Mr. Lavelle and Oh You Fancy with Karalina and Marcelette. We had the opportunity to work closely with Edison Beacons Center high school leaders, in which they help lead games and activities. You probably recognize a few of them! Our High School Leader team consists of Tanora, Jerica, Destiny and Taechrisdae! We all have been busy being fancy with the middle school girls, learning new math skills, cooking up a storm and singing happily everyday. As we are wrapping up summer we recall some awesome moments that we would like to share with you.

 Tanora & Jerica taking some time off from making feathered clips to pose for us.
 Karalina, Marcelette and the girls looking fresh with their nails polished.
Mr. Lavelle having the kids make chicken fajitas for lunch.