January 5, 2011

Getting Ready for Beacons Winter Session

Hello Beacons friends!! Yesterday, Sheridan Beacons hosted our fellow Beacons centers for training. Our friends came from the Sullivan/Anishinabe Beacon and the Nellie Stone Johnson Beacon.

Here are some of the things we did...

We played Minute to Win It, where participants are given a challenge and they have to complete it within 60 seconds to earn a point. Some of the challenges were:

The Chocolate Unicorn - stack 7 snack cakes on your forehead with only one hand!

Noodling Around - pick up 5 penne pasta noodles with one dry spaghetti noodle...using only your mouth.

Hanky Panky - pull out every single kleenex out of a box, using only one hand.
We had some very talented teams, so the competition ended in a tie breaker. So we decided to settle the score with a good old fashioned napkin eating contest.
Our groups also took a photographic tour of sheridan..

They stopped in the gym to warm up for greatness:

Then they stopped in the auditorium for a little dance party:

After that, they stopped in at the fireplace backdrop for a family picture:

Finally, the group got to take a picture however they wanted in the castle. Here's what they came up with:

We are so excited for Winter Session!!

See you all soon!