October 14, 2013

Beginning of Fall Beacons!

Welcome to the Fall Beacons session!
It's exciting to see returning staff and students and new faces join Beacons this year. Staff has been training extensively at Camp Ihduhapi and the North Community YMCA to prepare for Beacons Leadership Camp and program. Sheridan Beacons' students took time to enjoy the beautiful October weather chalking it up, playing kickball, creating masks and making friends.What was your favorite fall Beacon activity?



Program Staff

Program staff are the heart of our Beacon.  Youth workers are mentors, role models, allies and educators. They run the groups and keep the youth engaged and having fun.  We encourage people to apply who have specialized skills that they can teach the youth (like dance, music, computer skills, art...you name it)!  You don't have to have a special skill to work with us, as long as you are invested the success of young people, Beacons could be the place for you!  Our groups are split between two units: K-2nd grade and 3-5th grade. 
(Part time 15-25 hrs per week.  Sample Schedule: M-Th 12:30 pm-5 pm) October-May

Here are some of the primary responsibilities:
1. Plan and run your own group of 10-15 kids during program (Monday-Thursday, 1-5pm) or support artists/community partners while they run group.  
2. Answer telephone and answer questions or take messages.
3. Interact and maintain positive relationships with community partners, volunteers, Beacons staff, families, youth, school and district staff.
4. Deliver programming based on positive youth development principles and the YMCA's Four Core Values (Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility)
5. Make sure that the center is kept clean and organized.
6. Be a part of an ongoing process with youth and your colleagues to build and develop your skills as a youth worker.
7. Work as a team with your unit and center cohesively.
8. Implement a curriculum (as an individual / assigned) with an objective for young people.
9. Support program with general administrative responsibilities like taking attendance, giving surveys and some data entry.
10. Provide a fun and safe enjoyable experience to all program participants and partners/staff.

Location in application does say Coon Rapids YMCA (Emma B. Howe) BUT our program is located in NE Minneapolis at Sheridan Elementary school.