June 30, 2009

8th Grade Graduation

Happy Summer, blog friends!

We have been so busy here at Sheridan Beacons!
We have been at day camp, over night camp and working on some top secret projects here at Sheridan!

More about that later...

I wanted to share my pictures with you all from the 8th grade graduation here at Sheridan!

Before the graduation ceremony:

all the 8th graders gathered in the 8th grade hallway of Sheridan

all other students gathered outside their classrooms in anticipation of the

8th Grade Parade!!!

All the 8th graders walked through the hallways while the other students applauded their success!
Check it out!

The 8th graders finally made it to the Auditorium where lots of their fellow middle schoolers and family members were waiting.
Check out how packed the auditorium was!!

Dr. Neuman and Dr. Brooks-Golden spoke to the group along with four Sheridan middle schoolers.

Then the 8th graders were all called up by name and walked the stage to recieve their certificates, handshakes and well wishes from Sheridan teachers and faculty.
Here are just a few of them

Then it was time for the 8th graders to stand and start their lives as 9th graders!

High School here we come!!

June 3, 2009

8th Grade Celebration!

Can you believe it, blog friends?!?! Another school year at Sheridan is almost over!
You know what that means...Not only are 8th graders leaving our school, they are moving on to High School!

We wanted to find a way to show them how much we appreciate them, and how much we'll miss them.

First, we hung out at Sheridan where we played games, wrote letters to ourselves and notes to eachother. We also listened to a story and talked about the symbol of Beacons, the light house!

Then we got into the minibus and trekked off to meet 8th graders from Anne Sullivan Beacons and Nellie Stone Johnson Beacons at the North Community YMCA Youth and Teen Enrichment Center. Here is a shot of Henry Crosby welcoming our 8th graders, Henry is the Executive Director of North Community.

Everyone got a special VIP Beacons Alumni shirt.

8th graders got a chance to learn about High School from what classes to take, what's the deal with credits, and how to be involved. They even talked about what kinds of drama to expect and avoid in High School!

All of the workshops and discussions were led by the AMAZING students of Patrick Henry High School and other Beacons staff and alumni!

We also wanted to give everyone a chance to meet new people that might be their classmates next year, so after all the workshops and dinner, we had free time! People swam in the pool, played games in the xrkade and played in the gym! We had so much fun!
When it was all over, we helped stack all the chairs and headed home...

But not without taking a picture by the YMCA!!